Mike Bossio

Your member of parliament for

Hastings-Lennox and Addington

Mike Bossio

Your member of parliament for

Hastings-Lennox and Addington


Seniors the Focus of Town Hall Held by Ellis and Bossio

Over 130 people filled the room for a town hall in Belleville held by MPs Neil Ellis and Mike Bossio, with special guest Hon. Filomena Tassi, Minister of Seniors 

Read the Seniors Town Hall – PowerPoint Presentation here

As of 2016, there were more Canadians aged 65+ than Canadians aged 14 or younger for the first time. People aged 85+ are the fastest growing age group in Canada. This new demographic reality was the focus for federal MPs at a seniors town hall held in Belleville today.

More than 130 people filled the hall at the Quinte Sports and Wellness Centre as local MPs Neil Ellis and Mike Bossio were joined by special guest, Hon. Filomena Tassi, Minister of Seniors.

The MPs were on hand to get feedback and to highlight investments in seniors from Budget 2019 that respond to the evolving needs of a growing demographic.

Through Budget 2019, the Government proposes to:

  • Make retirement more financially secure for seniors who wish to work by enhancing the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) earnings exemption so they can keep more of their hard-earned income.
  • Ensure Canadian workers receive the full value of their pension by proactively enrolling Canada Pension Plan (CPP) contributors who are 70 years old or older and who have not yet applied to receive their retirement pension.
  • Enhance the security of workplace pensions through new measures that better protect pensions in the event of corporate insolvency, giving Canadians greater peace of mind when it comes to their retirement.
  • Promote the inclusion and full participation of vulnerable seniors in society by increasing funding to the New Horizons for Seniors Program by $100 million, supporting projects that provide new equipment for seniors’ centres, offer financial literacy classes, create volunteer opportunities and more.

With these new measures, Budget 2019 builds on the Government’s record of strengthening the retirement security of Canadians so that they can worry less about making ends meet and enjoy the secure and dignified retirement they deserve.



“Since nearly half of the Bay of Quinte’s populace is made up of people aged 65 years and over, our Seniors Town Hall Event is one of the most important events for our region. It’s wonderful to have the Honourable Minister Filomena Tassi here with us to discuss some of the most significant federal programs and services which directly help local organizations in our riding support senior resilience, and connectedness to our community.”
– Neil Ellis, Member of Parliament for Bay of Quinte

“Our seniors built this country, and it is our duty to see that they have the security in retirement that they deserve. Programs introduced in Budget 2019 include new investments to help make retirement more financially secure for more Canadians—helping seniors keep more money in their pockets, receive the benefits they are entitled to, protect their workplace pensions and stay active and involved in their communities. These new measures will have significant impacts for all seniors living in Hastings—Lennox and Addington.”
– Mike Bossio, Member of Parliament for Hastings – Lennox and Addington

“We value the contributions seniors make to our families, communities and workplaces. Our government is working hard to ensure that they have a future to which they can look forward. I will continue to travel across the country to hear from seniors, their family members and seniors organizations in order to build on what we have already accomplished for seniors.”
– The Honourable Filomena Tassi, Minister of Seniors

“CARP has been calling for significant changes to safeguard Canadians as we age. The government has listened. CARP applauds the federal government for taking decisive action in reducing the GIS clawback, increasing federal pension protections, supporting deferred annuities for seniors, a new EI caregiving benefit and housing supports for low income seniors”
– Laura Tamblyn Watts, Chief Public Policy Officer, Canadian Association of Retired Persons


Quick Facts

Since 2016, the Government of Canada has established a proven record of strengthening the retirement income security of Canadians, including:

  • Appointing a Minister of Seniors to help better understand the needs of older Canadians and ensure programs and services are designed to respond to those needs.
  • Boosting benefits for nearly 900,000 low-income seniors and lifting about 57,000 out of poverty by increasing GIS top-up payments for Canada’s most vulnerable seniors.
  • Restoring the eligibility age for Old Age Security and GIS benefits to 65, putting thousands of dollars back in the pockets of Canadian seniors.
  • Increasing benefits for couples who receive GIS and Allowance benefits and have to live apart for reasons beyond their control.
  • Enhancing the CPP, which will raise the maximum CPP retirement benefit by up to 50 per cent over time, by working in collaboration with provincial partners. This will provide today’s and future Canadian workers with greater income security when they retire and will significantly reduce the risk of under-saving for Canadian families.