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Mike Bossio

Your member of parliament for

Hastings-Lennox and Addington


Mike Bossio on Budget 2018

Equality + Growth: Mike Talks about the Budget

Equality + Growth = #Budget2018! Parental leave, planning for Pharmacare, rural economic development funding, mental health help for public safety officers… have a listen to some of the impact the budget will have on our community. Please comment below with any of your questions or ideas. I'm happy to go into more detail on what I've mentioned, or the many other aspects of the budget that I haven't fit in here. The full budget is available at this link: https://www.budget.gc.ca/2018/home-accueil-en.html #cdnpoli #rural

Posted by Mike Bossio on Wednesday, February 28, 2018


I am very proud to see a federal budget that focuses on equality and growth, using a gender-based analysis (GBA+). What GBA+ means is that we are taking into account in all budget decisions the impact that it has on women and equality.

When women working full-time make 88 cents for every 1 dollar that a man makes, we know that this is not fair. We need to ensure that women have equal opportunities and equal treatment. So, there are a number of initiatives that we are taking in the budget, including supporting more women entrepreneurs and leaders, more women in science and tech fields, and more.

We are also revamping parental leave to make it easier for both parents to play a role in child-raising, which in most cases means that men can play a larger role after the birth or adoption of their child, and women can have the opportunity to continue growing their career. There will be 5 weeks set aside to both parents in a “use it or lose it” format.

I’ve also heard time and again when canvassing our community the difficult situation that people are in—especially seniors—who need prescription medication but can’t afford it. Cutting pills in half, deciding whether to pay for medication or household bills—no one should have to make that decision. So, I’m happy to see planning underway on National Pharmacare, with a taskforce led by Dr. Eric Hoskins – an expert in the field who will ensure that we get this done right. I am eager to see this move forward, as I know so many Canadians are.

Another important initiative for low-income people is the Canada Workers Benefit. This is an improved version of the Working Income Tax Benefit, and will put more money in the pockets of low-income workers, raising about 70,000 people in the country out of poverty. Since not everyone knows to claim the benefit on their tax return, I’m very happy to see the government moving to allow the CRA to automatically apply this benefit for those who qualify.

The $920 million investment in FedDev Ontario is great news to continue the important work our Community Futures Development programs do to support small businesses in our rural communities. I was happy to organize a letter of support for this renewal alongside my Liberal colleagues in rural eastern Ontario, which we sent to Minister Morneau and Minister Bains.

These are just a few of the new items in our budget, which builds on about $10 billion invested in Canada’s Veterans since 2016, and unprecedented and crucial investments in Indigenous communities that have seen 52 long-term boil water advisories lifted. At the same time, with a low debt-to-GDP ratio, we now have the strongest growth rate in the whole G7, and the lowest unemployment rate in 40 years. Our plan invests in Canadians, and our plan is working.


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