Mike Bossio

Your member of parliament for

Hastings-Lennox and Addington

Mike Bossio

Your member of parliament for

Hastings-Lennox and Addington


Local Municipalities Receive Federal Funding for Asset Management Plans

103 infrastructure initiatives across Canada received federal funding recently through a program run by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), including two in Hastings Highlands and Centre Hastings.

“My fellow Liberal Rural Caucus members and I lobbied hard from the get-go to ensure that small rural communities were getting the support they need to complete their asset management plans,” said Mike Bossio, Member of Parliament for Hastings—Lennox and Addington.

“Small rural communities often find it very difficult to compete with large communities for existing infrastructure funds,” added Bossio. “They often lack the necessary human resources relative to larger communities to successfully brand their need and complete complicated application processes, including asset management plans. Small communities also often lack the financial resources needed to hire outside grant writers, or even to pay for the necessary reports to include with their applications.

“For example, a community of 2,000 people cannot afford a $40,000 dollar report for an application, particularly if that application is then turned down. So, I’m very pleased to see our government put forward $50 million through the FCM for asset management plans, and that communities in our riding are now seeing the benefit,” said Bossio.

Centre Hastings will receive $36,800 for asset management capacity building.

“On behalf of the citizens of Centre Hastings I am pleased to receive these funds,” said Tom Deline, mayor of Centre Hastings.  “We have over $2,500,000 of tangible Capital Assets to manage.  This money will allow us to put some better policies and procedures in place to maintain these assets as well as providing us with a better long term capital plan.”

Hastings Highlands will also receive $20,000 for asset management plans, policy, and strategy.

“This strategy will have a positive impact on the community as it will ensure public safety, accessibility compliance, and allow Council to make informed infrastructure investment decisions for the over thirty buildings and facilities in Hastings Highlands,” noted Mayor Vivian Bloom of Hastings Highlands.

The Municipal Asset Management Program (MAMP) is helping Canadian municipalities make informed decisions on infrastructure investment based on sound asset management practices. MAMP is delivered by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and funded by the Government of Canada.


Quick facts:

  • The Municipal Asset Management Program is a five-year, $50-million program designed to help Canadian municipalities strengthen infrastructure investment decisions based on sound asset management practices. The announcement includes over $3.1 million in MAMP grants towards 75 projects in municipalities across Canada.


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