Mike Bossio

Your member of parliament for

Hastings-Lennox and Addington

Mike Bossio

Your member of parliament for

Hastings-Lennox and Addington


Canada 150 Awardees for Hastings-Lennox and Addington

Photo: Back Row – Mary-Lou Sonneveld (judge), Keven Alkenbrack, Don DeGenova, Rick Phillips, Cortwright Christian, Don Fenwick, Tracy McGibbon, Chief R. Donald Maracle. Middle Row – Katherine Sedgwick, Jarod Preston (judge), Suzanne Brant (judge), MP Mike Bossio, Jessica Boomhower, Amy Mack, Maria Stebelsky, Miranda Stephenson (for brother Keith Stephenson). Front Row – Winifred Perryman, Janet Scott, Nicole Flynn, Dr. Melissa Holowaty, Patrick Johnston (judge)

PowerPoint Presentation of Nominees and Awardees: Canada 150 Award PowerPoint

Facebook Album of Photos: https://www.facebook.com/mike.bossio.liberal/posts/1138551639611204


Mike Bossio, Member of Parliament for Hastings—Lennox and Addington, presented twenty awards on Monday night to individuals who have demonstrated extraordinary service to country or community.

Every Member of Parliament in the country received twenty special Canada 150 pins made from the copper of the roof of the Parliament of Canada. The pins could be awarded by each Member of Parliament in whatever way she or he decides. Bossio decided to set up a non-partisan, independent panel of five judges to decide on the recipients, based on a public call for nominations. Within the overarching criterion of “service to country or community,” nominees could have individual criteria including but not limited to any one or more of the following (in alphabetical order):

  • Entrepreneurialism
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Heroism
  • Leadership
  • Service
  • Work toward combatting poverty
  • Work toward ending discrimination
  • Work toward gender equality
  • Work toward Indigenous Reconciliation
  • Work toward rural community sustainability

By the nomination deadline there were 68 nominees gathered from 77 nomination forms across the riding. In alphabetical order by last name, the awardees are:

  • Kevin ALKENBRACK (Napanee)
  • Jessica BOOMHOWER (Bath)
  • Cortwright CHRISTIAN (Napanee)
  • Don DEGENOVA (Tweed)
  • Don FENWICK (Enterprise)
  • Nicole FLYNN (Madoc)
  • Melissa HOLOWATY (Marmora)
  • Cathie JONES (Marmora)
  • Amy MACK (Napanee)
  • Chief Donald MARACLE (Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory)
  • Tracy McGIBBON (L’Amable)
  • Winifred PERRYMAN (Corbyville)
  • Rick PHILLIPS (Plainfield)
  • Janet SCOTT (Stella)
  • Katherine SEDGWICK (Queensborough)
  • Joey SHULMAN (Maynooth)
  • Maria STEBELSKY (Napanee)
  • Keith STEPHENSON (Plainfield)
  • Ada TINNEY (Bancroft)
  • Margaret WALSH (Tyendinaga/Napanee)
  • (Further details below)



“I am so proud of all the nominees, and I would like to thank all of them for their service to our community. Service comes in many forms, so it is so important that tonight we have recognized people from many different walks of life and across our huge riding—all those people who have volunteered, acted heroically, been environmental stewards, tackled poverty, worked for Indigenous reconciliation, pursued rural sustainability, tackled discrimination in all its forms, and much more. Our community is all the richer for what they have done, and for what so many do in our community every day. Thank you!”

-Mike Bossio, Member of Parliament – Hastings—Lennox & Addington


“It’s really refreshing to hear about so many wonderful people from our riding all making a difference in their community.”

Mary-Lou Sonneveld, from Napanee, Judge for the HLA Canada 150 Award


“I think it was rewarding to view a sample of the community and see how those individuals affect that community. It was inspirational to read about the passions of so many people in our local area that affect us all in some way.”

Jarod Preston, from Tweed, Judge for the HLA Canada 150 Award


“All of the nominees were impressive. I was most struck, however, by the young people who were nominated and by the breadth of their activities and the depth of their commitment. Judging from the nominations we reviewed, I’d say that the future of our communities and our country is in good hands.”

Patrick Johnston, from Lonsdale, Judge for the HLA Canada 150 Award


“Whatever the contributions of the people we honour with these 150th anniversary awards – supporting our neighbours in need, encouraging the arts and culture, protecting nature and our environment, boosting multicultural understanding – each of our nominees has proven once again that, because their commitment and the concern and enthusiasm of people just like them, our Canada has become a truly remarkable place to live.  All the nominees and award-winners deserve our most profound admiration, thanks, and emulation.”

John Schram, from Amherst Island, Judge for the HLA Canada 150 Award



  1. Kevin ALKENBRACK (Napanee)

Nominated by Joanne Harrington, Maria Stebelsky, Jane Adams-Roy, and Norma Dunham

For service combatting poverty through the Morningstar Mission; for work with the Greater Napanee Anti-Poverty Coalition; and, for providing those in need a listening ear, a warm smile and a full belly.


  1. Jessica BOOMHOWER (Bath)

Nominated by Bonnie Boomhower

For outstanding service to her community in the face of adversity, including work as a volunteer member of the fire department, where she has organized charitable events and fundraisers; for work for Muscular Dystrophy, the OSPCA, and Chiari Awareness; for work for the food bank through the Haunted House events; and, for inspiring others in the community to never give up, and keep pushing forward


  1. Cortwright CHRISTIAN (Napanee)

Nominated by Grace Abrena, Napanee and Area Multicultural Association

For tireless work for Saint Mary Magdalene Church, Morningstar Mission, and Seniors Outreach Services; for work over fifteen years of annual Multicultural Festivals; for trailblazing as the first visible minority on the Ontario Parole Board; for founding the Napanee and Area Multicultural Association; and for work for the Lions Club and Kinsman.


  1. Don DEGENOVA (Tweed)

Nominated by Denyse Mouck, Bob Cottrell, Tim Porter, and Tweed & Company Theatre

For epic fundraising efforts on behalf of local organizations, raising more than $67,000 to date; and, for exceptional community volunteerism, including for BGH, Tweed & Company Theatre, Trillium Foundation, Quinte Waste Management, Friends of Stoco Lake, Kiwanis Club, Tweed Chamber of Commerce, Hastings County Economic Development, AIDS walk-a-thon, MS bike-a-thon, United Way, and much more.


  1. Don FENWICK (Enterprise)

Nominated by Rob Fenwick

For taking community service to a new level; for 26 years as fire chief of the Enterprise Station #2 Fire Department; for fire team recruitment; for work to create and maintain the outdoor hockey rink for the community; and, for the multitude of fundraising efforts for community projects, including Mud Drag, Donkey Baseball, bass fishing tournaments, Harvest Fest, Bed Racing, and more.


  1. Nicole FLYNN (Madoc)

Nominated by Rev. Stephen Brown and Kathryn Primrose

For her example as a trailblazer and role model for people with Down Syndrome; for promotion of local culture through her photography; for work as an advocate for the environment, for Indigenous Reconciliation, and for people with developmental disability; and, for representation of Canada at international level athletics.


  1. Dr. Mellissa HOLOWATY (Marmora)

Nominated by Marmora & Lake

For leadership and dedication to your community; for managing a patient load of more than 2,000 people while also providing palliative care, hosting workshops, and providing after hours clinics for patients of the Family Health Team; for helping people battle addiction; and, for helping the community  in efforts to recruit more doctors.


  1. Cathie JONES (Marmora)

Nominated by Sharon A. Vesterfelt

For outstanding community work, including setting up dances at the town hall, the Easter Egg Hunt, starting the car shows, starting the girls’ hockey teams, and youth baseball; for volunteering her time with the Marmora Historical Association; for work as head of the Sacred Heart cemetery board; for work on Homecoming in Marmora; and, for compassionate efforts to help those in need.


  1. Amy MACK (Napanee)

Nominated by Patrick Mueller

For volunteer work, including with the Napanee Guides, IBEW Local Union 2010, Operation Life Saver, Maverick’s Youth Football, Greater Napanee Soccer Club, and local schools; and, for work to found the Lennox & Addington chapter of 100 Women Who Care, which has grown to over 200 members and donated over $36,000 to local charities.


  1. Chief Donald MARACLE (Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory)

Nominated by Tyendinaga Native Women’s Association

For leadership as a champion for his community; for lobbying for the acceptance of the Culbertson Land Claim for negotiation; for negotiating the Turton Penn Highway settlement; for work to end boil water advisories; for work on the “Stop the Dump” campaign to protect the community’s water; for your work to fight discrimination; and, for work to preserve and promote the Mohawk language and culture.


  1. Tracy McGIBBON (L’Amable)

Nominated by Sierra Dillabough and Wendy Dillabough

For work as a role model through tireless efforts on behalf of her community, including as chair of Bancroft for Kraft Hockeyville; Relay for Life; North Hastings Arena Board; president of Bancroft Skating Club; Bancroft Public Library Board; Bancroft Pregnancy Care Centre; Sunday School direction; Bancroft minor hockey; Switch Yard; Dungannon Mud Bog; Wheels, Water, and Wings; and, the North Hastings Health Team.


  1. Winifred PERRYMAN (Corbyville)

Nominated by Lynn Hipwell

For volunteer service to her church, including the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund; for volunteering with Meals on Wheels; for work with Amnesty International on appealing for clemency and cessation of torture; for work with SERVAS on promoting peace and with KAIROS for promoting ecological justice and human rights; for work with the Inter-faith Refugee committee; and, for founding Quinte Grannies for Africa.


  1. Rick PHILLIPS (Plainfield)

Nominated by Tyendinaga Township Council

For support of multiple food banks in the community; for support of the Canadian Cancer Society, including driving patients to Kingston; for service on Tyendinaga Township council as councillor and reeve and the many good works he has done in that capacity; for work as the longest serving warden of Hastings County in the last 100 years; and, for work to build the connection between Hastings County and CFB Trenton.


  1. Janet SCOTT (Stella)

Nominated by Deborah Barrett

For service to the community of Amherst Island; for environmental stewardship in sharing her knowledge of birds with students and aspiring birders; for helping visiting photographers, naturalists, and researchers working on the island; for work with other volunteers organizing the free lunch “Loaves and Fishes” to bring the community together, including those who cannot drive; and, for creation of a kids summer camp.


  1. Katherine SEDGWICK (Queensborough)

Nominated by Raymond Brassard

For work for rural Ontario, including her blog “Meanwhile at the Manse,” which has been a vehicle for the rejuvenation of Queensborough and a dialogue on rural issues; for work in organizing Historic Queensborough Day; and, for work to keep the rural Madoc Township Public School open in the face of closure.


  1. Joey SHULMAN (Maynooth)

Nominated by Roy Mitchell

For community theatre work; for volunteer work at the Maynooth Food Bank and Maynooth and Hastings Highlands Business Association; for work in helping local artists; and, for work on Pride Days to set a welcoming example of inclusivity in the community.


  1. Maria STEBELSKY (Napanee)

Nominated by Joanne Harrington and Aline Lamere

For work with youth at risk; for work on the committee to create the not-for-profit housing corporation “At Home in L&A”; for food drive work for Inuit families in Canada’s Arctic; and, for volunteer work for many local charitable organizations.


  1. Keith STEPHENSON (Plainfield)

Nominated by Miranda Stephenson

For work with the 2818 Belleville Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corp; for entrepreneurialism; for volunteerism; and, for heroism in the face of a fire at his neighbours’ house.


  1. Ada TINNEY (Bancroft)

Nominated by Kijicho Manito Madaouskarini Algonquin Nation

For years of work with the elected Algonquin negotiation representative on land claim issues; for her creation of an inclusive drumming circle at the Faraday Community Centre; for working with children and schools to teach Algonquin culture; and, for involvement in the Journey Together Program.


  1. Margaret WALSH (Tyendinaga Township & Napanee)

Nominated by Janel and Mike Whalen

For revitalization of the Lonsdale Schoolhouse; for service as Councillor and first female Reeve of Tyendinaga Township, and first female Warden of Hastings County; and, for leadership in founding the Concerned Citizens of Tyendinaga and Environs.



  • Donna Abrams, Newburgh
  • Trever Abrams, Newburgh
  • Kevin Alkenbrack, Napanee
  • Karen Bailey, Madoc
  • Fred Bendell, Stirling
  • Jessica Boomhower, Bath
  • Jo-Anne Carrol, Gilmour
  • Cortwright Christian, Napanee
  • Vivian Collver, Marmora
  • Bob Cottrell, Newburgh
  • Barbara Czerwinski, Bancroft
  • Don DeGenova, Tweed
  • Kelsey Verna Elizabeth Dillabough, Bancroft
  • Cora Epping, Bancroft
  • Chris Faiers, Marmora
  • Don Fenwick, Enterprise
  • Hugh Finlay, Napanee
  • Rosemary Finlay, Napanee
  • Nicole Flynn, Madoc
  • Laura Forth, Marmora
  • Eric Fry, Roslin
  • Charles Gordon, Madoc
  • Rachelle Hardesty, Tweed
  • Alice Haveman, Madoc
  • Dr. Melissa Holowaty, Marmora
  • Hans Honegger, Tamworth
  • Joe Hudacin, Bath
  • Rachel Hughes, Cannifton
  • Robin Hutcheon, Tamworth
  • Cathie Jones, Marmora
  • Larry Keech, Yarker
  • Brock Kerby, Madoc
  • Jonnie Ann Lovell, Tweed
  • Colleen MacAlister, Marmora
  • Amy Mack, Napanee
  • Vern Mackey, Foxboro
  • Chief R. Donald Maracle, Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory
  • Robert Marriott, Napanee
  • Barb Matteucci, Stirling
  • Tracy McGibbon, L’Amable
  • Dr. John McKinney, Napanee
  • Rick Meagher, Belleville
  • Evan Morton, Tweed
  • Ron Nowell, Cloyne
  • Mark Oliver, Tamworth
  • Cathy Palmer, Napanee
  • Winifred Perryman, Corbyville
  • Rick Phillips, Plainfield
  • André Philpot, Marmora
  • Bill Piersen, Napanee
  • Sherry Pringle, Napanee
  • Garry Riebertz, Napanee
  • Shannon Riebertz, Napanee
  • Barry Robinson, Napanee
  • Audrey Ross, Tweed
  • Janet Scott, Stella
  • Katherine Sedgwick, Queensborough
  • Joey Shulman, Maynooth
  • Tom Simpson, Madoc
  • James A Smith, Marmora
  • Maria Stebelsky, Napanee
  • Keith Stephenson, Plainfield
  • Ada Tinney, Bancroft
  • Margaret Walsh, Tyendinaga/Napanee
  • Allan Whitfield, Napanee
  • Denice Wilkins, Tweed
  • Steve Wilkins, Bancroft
  • Ellen Wilson, Madoc



Ms. Suzanne Brant is President of the First Nations Technical Institute. She has provided consultant services to the Chiefs of Ontario, Corrections Canada and Loyalist College, in addition to mentoring and counselling Indigenous students and clients at Loyalist and Kagita Mikam.


Mr. Patrick Johnston C.M. of Lonsdale is a Member of the Order of Canada. He spent 40 years working for a range of charitable and philanthropic organizations, mostly national organizations that range from the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy to the Canadian Council on Social Development.


Master Corporal Jarod Preston of Tweed serves in the Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment. He was raised on a 3rd generation farm in Hastings County, and after graduating from Centre Hastings Secondary School on the honour roll, he is pursuing a career in the construction industry, and will be getting married to his high school sweetheart, Natalie, this September. He looks forward to acknowledging deserving individuals in our riding in celebration of Canada’s 150th.


Ambassador (Ret’d) John Schram of Amherst Island is a Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs; a Senior Fellow at the Queen’s  Centre for International and Defence Policy; formerly Canadian High Commissioner to Ghana, Botswana, and Sierra Leone; and formerly Ambassador to Ethiopia, Sudan, Eritrea, Zimbabwe, and Angola.


Ms. Mary-Lou Sonneveld of Napanee sits on the board of directors for the Napanee District Community Foundation and is involved with the United Church Women’s Group. She is a Past President of the Lioness Club of Napanee with over 25 years of service. She was a councillor for the Town of Greater Napanee, and has been involved in minor hockey and the fair board. She and her husband John have farmed in the area for the past 54 years.